The Comeback is Greater than the Setback

by Monique Wright on November 23, 2020

The Comeback is Greater than the Setback

Glam Fashion Love: The Travelers Boutique


Through exceptional strength and dedication, Glam Fashion Love has changed the narrative of what 2020 has become for most small businesses. Like countless boutiques, shops, and retail stores, Covid-19 abruptly halted businesses' sales and, unfortunately, permanently shut down many others. With government restrictions and order looming overhead, I diligently pushed through with the process of curbside pickup, and I cannot thank our customers enough for their continuous support through these unprecedented times. After being able to turn our lights back on for instore purchases, we set record-breaking sales on June 11th. As a team, we couldn't have been more thrilled and genuinely saw the end to the dark roads we faced as a business. I was not at all prepared for what happened to my store the very next day.


In a fire that broke out at our shop location, everything I worked so hard to protect was gone. With the pandemic already having a polarizing effect, I honestly did not see how we would recover. Muscling up what I had left of my vision, we continued to sell online, and again the loyalty of our customers is never something I take for granted. I was scared of what the future held for Glam Fashion Love and was forced to start from the very beginning. Through these trying times, I was able to take the lessons learned from each setback and implement them to present to you a remarkable comeback.


In overcoming adversity and refusing to accept defeat, I proudly unveil our addition to the Glam Fashion Love website, "The Travelers Boutique," a one-stop-shop for you to not only shop your wardrobe with us but also book your travel all on the same platform. As someone who not only loves to shop but equally loves to book a flight, the two truly go hand in hand. With all that the year has presented, I was not settling for less than what I think my customers deserve. Before the year is complete, as it so rightfully needs to be, I look forward to all that Glam Fashion Love has in store for you.